I’m too lazy and tired to write a whole post so…

…tomorrow I am going to write about food. It will be the first blog in a series of blogs about: my love/hate relationship with food; my carbohydrate addiction and how I plan to kick the habit (or at least keep it at bay); my 7 years of vegetarianism; my lingering desire to be vegan even though I know I would be seriously unhealthy if I acted on that desire; meat; cooking and all I love about that; and why my mother has sabotaged my weight AND body image since I was three years old.

BUT, before you are allowed to read this blog-that-not-yet-is, you must read this blog. The author of that nifty website is my cousin, and one of my greatest inspirations/mentors. You need to study up on the Paleo Diet before I start my food writing because A) why should I take all the time to explain a lifestyle and viewpoints that she has already beautifully enumerated and  B) I’m selfish. I’d rather just assign homework and be able to get right down to my own narcissistic business.

So, read on, read on. Stef is a great writer, I’m sure you’ll like her writing far more than mine. Unless of course you enjoy abuse of ellipses and parentheses, then, you’ll still like me best. Yeah, I’ve got the market corned on punctuation overkill. I WIN!


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