60-Second Ode to My Stick Shift

I drive a manual transmission, therefore, I am cooler than you.

OK, well, that’s probably going a bit far, seeing as I’m not that cool, but seriously, manual trans RULE!

For realsies people: Better gas mileage (45 MPG!); you get to feel superior to your friends who don’t know how to drive a stick; there is something so badass about the sound they make when you shift; and they are fun as FUCK to drive. Lordy. (Coming from someone who absolutely hated driving and didn’t get her license until 2 weeks before her 18th birthday, that should mean something to you.)

I don’t often look at anything I do in particular and say, “Yeah, that’s awesome.” But when I am getting down, I remind myself that I am a chick who drives a stick and I just feel better about life. I walk a little taller.

I am only thinking about these things because somebody asked me about my car today and I just lit up and started rambling on and on. I can say this unabashedly and honestly: I LOVE MY CAR.

My pretty little Cobalt.

So, yeah, I am pro manual transmissions. Learn to drive one today and you, too, can feel this sense of supremacy AND you’ll be doing something good for the environment.



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One response to “60-Second Ode to My Stick Shift

  1. I read this
    and it occured to me this post is narcissistic. I am sorry.

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