A Word of Warning

[I know I said in my last post I didn’t want to write about the end of my relationship, but who was I kidding? I can’t pretend it didn’t happen. But I WILL try to keep it to a minimum.]

Before anyone asks, I am not suddenly a hater of all things love. I am not I am not I am not. My relationship, in fact, ended out of love: I had enough love for him and for myself to want us both to be happy, and for that to happen we needed to not be together; and he had enough love for himself and for me to agree. So when I write this post, it is not because I want all happy couples to question their affection for each other. It is just an observation that I have recently made that I feel should be shared:

If and when you consider co-habitating with your significant other, think of this first: however much you love your partner, multiply that by four and that is how much you will HATE having to pack up your life and move out if it doesn’t work out. Knowing that, if it still seems worth it, give it a shot. But really think about how much it totally sucks to move out before you move in.

I’m just saying.


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