I’m bad. I apologize. But I’ll do better, I swear!

To the people who read this here blog and enjoy what they read and were disappointed when there was nothing new for the last week, I’m sorry! I know it’s not really an excuse, but, would you believe, I was busy? Think of it as me experiencing things so that I’d have more to write about.

So, right now, I have to go be a working adult ( ‘_’ ) but soon to come will be a few post about such fabulous and interesting topics as:

  • Starting on my birthday, I stopped craving sugar? How did THAT happen?
  • Chicago Chicago Chicago
  • Introducing Amp: my new alter-ego who might just become my standard, everyday-use ego
  • I’m that girl who experiences a catharsis in yoga class and cries. Embarrassing, yes, but lord, does it feel good.
  • Probably like 6 more posts where I linger too long about my experiences in Chicago
  • In spite of all their flaws, a tribute to my parents (If you’ve read some of my other posts, this may shock you)
  • Style versus Fashion: one boosts your confidence, the other tears it down because conformity sucks the life out of you!
  • And I’ll be cryptic here, but one post shall be entitled: Size Does Matter. Ponder that one.

So come back this evening or tomorrow morning, and I promise you, one of these posts that only currently exist in my mind will exist on the web. OK? OK.


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One response to “I’m bad. I apologize. But I’ll do better, I swear!

  1. orly

    You should write in bullets more often. They’re much more entertaining.

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