Greetings all! Welcome to my little slice of the Internet.

Ah, introductions. I’m Pamela. I’m frequently called Pam, but, for the record, I think that is a bland nickname that belongs to a mom-shaped woman with a bad bob, not a young, exuberant lady who never wants to resemble anything close to bland. I much prefer the hundreds of dorky names I’ve acquired over the years: Ella (like, pamELA), Babar (don’t ask), Chickadee (gotta love my mom!) and Pammycakes.

What to say about me? Well, I grew up in Warren, MI, the most lackluster town in the nation where the notable sights are the abandoned car plants, the trailer Eminem called home as an adolescent, and the unwed mothers working at McDonald’s. That town should have sucked all the life out of me long before I was old enough to escape, but somewhere in my DNA is coded a subversive streak that saved me. I had few friends growing up, and almost none of them real, but it’s alright. Being a contrary little weirdo helped me retain what originality I had until I could fly the coop.

College was my savior. I let down my guard a little and made some amazing friends who were cool with me being a spaz, a nerd, an insufferable brain, a motormouth, a greenie, an artist, a grammar nazi, and an over-sharer. Having a good support system who would love me no matter who I evolved into allowed me to really become the dynamic person I always knew I was meant to be.

I wrote a lot in college. Not just essays and finals, but, you know, fun stuff. I had a blog with a student publication, and some people actually read it. I wrote a thesis, not because I had to, but because I wanted to. I wrote poems. Lots of poems. And I loved it. And I really thought I could keep doing that after graduation.

But a girl’s gotta eat. And since I chose to return to the black hole that is Southeastern MI, there weren’t any employers falling at my feet, begging me to write or edit for them. And though graduating with no debt seemed like a good idea, it didn’t occur to me that I would have exactly $200 when I got my diploma. So, for now, I’m settling.

Yeah, I look at my life and hate how vanilla it is sometimes:wearing an apron when I make dinner every night, watching too much TV that I don’t even enjoy, staying in 7 nights a week because I’ve got zero friends within a 100 miles radius. It can wear on a person, but then I remember that I won’t be living like this forever. I’ve got too much passion to stay in this limbo for too long. How long is too long still remains to be seen.

But for now, I while away the hours drinking absurd amounts of tea, singing Florence + the Machine loudly in the shower, reading lots of Chuck Palahniuk, nourishing my soul and stretching my muscles during my yoga classes, running (and walking my awesome dog, Horse) around the streets of this suburban jungle, finding ever more ways to cook creative (and healthy!) meals, and now writing this here blog. And just trying to figure out how to get from this phase of my life to the next. But hey, I’m doing it with a smile and a namaste.


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  1. Hi Pamela!
    I found out about your blog through Paleo Pepper. I feel ya, living in Warren (I was born there and had lots of relatives in the bland Warren suburbs and also in the sketchier 8 Mile neighborhood…) so I understand your pain;-) THANK GOD my parents had the good sense to move up to Traverse City when I was a baby, so I could live where you can actually see stars at night and where there were forests and lakes and beaches.

    Good luck on your new endeavor! It’s a truly life changing thing. I look forward to following your progress:)

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