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Dear Readers,

A smart chica I had the good luck to encounter in college, the talented miss Sarah Lindsay,  created Edgepiece, an online literary magazine. I have been honored with the opportunity to be one of her editors, so I wanted to announce that our *insert trumpet flourish* FIRST ISSUE has hit the web, and our writers deserve to be read. So read, dammit, read!

Also, I believe in the power of words, of the tales people have to tell, and the creativity people have to share. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, everyone has a story worth telling, an emotion worth expressing, or a love worth shouting from the rooftops. Check out the site, give us a read, and then be brave and submit something. A photo, a poem, even a short essay about that one time with the guy and the thing and then the stuff happened. You know the time. Just do it, ok?

OK, end of my shameless plug. Thanks for your time.




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